Car Air Purifier

FH121 Car Air Purifier

  • 1, Car Air Purifier
    2, Humidifier + Purifier
    3, Ultrasonic Wave to Atomize Liquid
    4, Strong Wind Volume, Low Noise
    5, 13 Grade HEFA Filter


***General Introduction:

FH105 is the new air purifier plus humidifier.



 *** Main structure: 1pc purifier body + 1pc filter

* Purifier size: Ø6.8cm*16.7cm

Color: Black, Golden or Silver

Input Power: DC 12V, 1A

Materials: Aluminum Alloy

Fragrance: Aroma Foam

Effective Space: less than 10 cube meters

Wind Speed: 2.4m/s

Air Volume: 8.58CFM

Noise: <38dB

Working Temperature: -10íŠ ~ 65íŠ

Net Weight: 0.293kg

Filter: 13 Grade HEPA Filter

Charger: Car Charger, or DC 12V charger, or 5V to 12V USB charger with AC Adapter 


Please view the full details of FH121 here:

FH121 Full Introduction 


* Default FH121 Packaging:




FH121 Purifier


 DC 12V/1A, with HEPA Filter

Car Charger


or AC Adapter with 5V~12V USB charger

Gift Box


 with User Manual