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FARSEE TECHNOLOGY Co., Limited is the leading manufacturer of classic E-cig FS812 series; FS510, FS512(680mAh), FS eGo and Tank System, FS520 (auto keyring eGo), FS530(auto eGo), FS540(screwdriver) , FS550 (Twist Variable Voltage Manual eGo Battery), FS560 (flat-key variable voltage), FS570(USB eGo), FS580(auto LED eGo) series; water pipe(E-hookah) FS610 and mini water pipe FS620 series; POD series; E-cig FS701 series; mini E-cig FS808 and FS902 series; PCC FS V1-power series; disposable E-cig FS4118/FS4118S and E-cigar FS4140/FS4155 series; E-pipe FS4313, FS602 and FS603 series; E-liquid and all the E-cig related accessories in China.



I, FARSEE designs and produces the best Electronic Cigarette as below:

Classical electronic cigarette: FS812, FS801, FS820 and RN4081 series.(240mAh, 320mAh, 650mAh for choice. 680mAh for FS820.)

Popular electronic cigarette: FS510 (240mAh, 320mAh, auto or manual for choice.), FS512 (680mAh new battery), FS eGo and FS-Tank system (FS-T1, FS-T2, FS-T4, FS-T5, FS-T6, FS-T6A), auto keyring FS520, auto eGo FS530, screwdriver FS540 and twist variable voltage manual eGo FS550, FS560, USB eGo FS570, LED auto FS580 series.

Water pipe: FS610 and FS620 series.

POD e-cig: Sealed POD series, Refillable POD series and eGo POD.

Mini e-cig: FS808, FS902 and DSE901 series.

PCC: FS V1-power and FS V2-power series.

Disposable e-cigarette FS4118/FS4118S and e-cigar FS4140/FS4155 series.

E-pipe: FS4313, FS602 and FS603 series.


II, FARSEE produces and supplies the E-liquid and cartomizer/cartridge with the full kinds of different flavors and nicotine levels. Our default packaging for E-liquid is the very clear plastic bottle with childproof bottle and needle refiller. Our cartomizer has the best quality and the latest technology. No tobacco healthy life is what we are working for. Real cigarette taste and feeling is what we are pursuing.

The regular sizes for choice: 5ML, 10ML, 15ML, 20ML, 30ML, 500ML and 1000ML.

Flavors cover: Please visit the page of E-liquid.

Nicotine levels: 36mg, 24mg, 18mg (HIGH), 14mg (MED), 11mg(LOW), 6mg, 3mg, 0mg


III, FARSEE supplies the most popular chargers and charger accessories.

The series include USB charger, Car Charger, Wall Charger (with or without wire, for E-cig or phones, computers, cameras and all other electronic equipment which needs the power supply);

USB/Car/Wall Charger Adapter (all types of plug standards like US plug, EU plug, AU plug, etc.).


Also we supply the leather or fabric packing bags and lanyard. At present our bags are designed mostly for the E-cigs series.


All FARSEE's products can be OEM or ODM. You are warmly welcomed to discuss anything you have interest in with us. FARSEE will do its best to supply you the best products and services.


 With professional R&D team, skilfull workers and full sales and after-sales services, FARSEE TECHNOLOGY Co., Limited always supplies all the clients not only the best products with reliable quality and competitive prices, but also the best technology support and sales services. We sincerely expect to gain the market together with you!



TEL/FAX: +86-769-81105106

EMAIL: info@farseecigarette.com

URL: http://www.farseecigarette.com