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Disposable E-cigarette FS4116

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***General Introdution:

The FS4116 is the latest disposable e-cig. It adapts the latest technology and design. The taste is improved a lot and the puff is stronge with huge smog.

The integrated design  uses the stainless steel tube, emulational fire-light, new taste of  e-juice,advanced PCB control and battery core. 

*** General Introduction:

Integrated design, with airflow on top, with airflow reaction PCB.

Size: 116mm(D) * 14.5mm(L)

Materials: Stainless Steel, PCTG


LED colors: White, Blue or Red for choice.

LED fades on or off during vaping. 

LED keeps on 2seconds, the short-circuit protection works and the e-cig enters standby mode. 

If one vaping above 10seconds, the e-cig enters standby mode. 


Built-in battery core: Model 13450, 45mm, 650mAh. 

Battery life: 12month when used. 

Output: 3.6V. 


E-juice: 3.6ml special e-liquid designed for the disposable.

Puff: 700 to 800puffs.

Heating coil resistance: 1.8Ω


Operation Temperature: -10°C ~ 40°C ; Humidity: 60% ~ 80%

Storage Temperature: 20°C ~ 30°C

Battery using time: 12months. 



  • 1, New Disposable E-cigarette FS4116.
    2, Adapts the new technology and design. 
    3, With special e-juice, easier burning and vaping.
    4, Different flavors, nicotine levels for choice.
    5, Different colors for choice. OEM is welcomed.