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500/1000ml E-liquid

E-liquid for all E-cigarettes
E-liquid with the best and safest materials and ingredients
All kinds of flavors and nicotine levels for choice
Big size of 250ML, 500ML, 1000ML or even bigger bottles
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 1000ML E-liquid

* FARSEE specializes in E-cigarette and E-liquid researching and producing for many years.

* We supply the best E-liquid with the real cigarette smoking feeling.

* FARSEE E-liquid ALWAYS uses the best and safest materials. All of our liquid's materails are based on the food and medical standards. All materials and ingredients are tested and approved by the authoritative lab or government organization.  

£ª FARSEE's liquid is very safe to smoke. All E-liquid has the best flavors and nicotine hitting feel.

500ML E-liquid


* Regular Flavors:

555,Apple,Banana,Blackberry,Blueberry,Camel,Cherry,Clove,Chocolate,Cigar(FS Cuban),Coconut,Coffee,Cream,DK-TAB,Goosberry,Grape,Hilton,Mango,Melon,Menthol,Menthol Grass, Marl.,Peach,Pipe,Red Bull,Strawberry,Tobacco(FS #3),Raspberry,Turkish,Vanilla,Virginia

* New water-pipe flavors (Shisha flavors) for choice.

*Flavor list as in the following image: