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Disposable E-cigar FS4140

1,New disposable e-cigar FS4140.
2,Supports 800puffs.
3,Real-cigarette-effect LED.
4,Gift bog packaging or blister packaging.
Products details

***General Introdution:

FS4140 is the most classical disposable e-cigar. It has the best smog and fluent smoking feeling. Its quality is steady and its design is vogue like a real cigar. Its LED is the real-cigarette similar LED and its materials are all in a highest food-standard. The built-in battery and cartomizer is for one-time using. Different packaging way for choice.  

 *** Main structure: 1pc E-cigar with sticker.

* FS4140:

  Size: 135mm (L) x 15mm(D)

  Battery: 650mAh, 3.7V.

  Cartomizer: 2.0ML. Supporting 800puffs.

  Tobacco leaf sureface treatment. Real-cigarette similar LED type.  

* Flavors/Nicotine Level: Please view the details here  E-liquid.


* Default Battery Packaging:

Single E-cigar

Small Box

Medium Box

each with two caps

each in a small box with window

 12pcs small boxes in a medium box